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Wanna Get to Werk?

Whether you need to bring your brand into the digital age with ToolKit™, build a branded Shopify experience, or create a brand new brand, our team is designed to bring the best of brand and digital together. So, where do we start?

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i.e. Someone in the Northern Hemisphere with a passion for digital who isn't a full-on tech bro

As a Developer at Love + Money, you will be responsible for bringing up the rear on all of our internal and external projects. You’ll be working directly under the Lead Developer to make sure that our award-winning websites are rolled out to the highest standards.

You’ll be working directly with the creative team to solve problems, try stuff out, and generally get weird. You’ll be working across stock standard languages like HTML/CSS/JS, interesting, sexy tech like React, Gatsby and 3JS, but also integrating with sorry-but-you-gotta tech like Shopify (and apps) and maybe some martech. This is a learning-while-doing kind of role.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Maintain our proprietary Gatsby, Next and Shopify boilerplates

  • Participate in our twice weekly “Devs Up” calls and contribute ideas, learnings and improvements

  • Provide recommendations and improvements to our core technology stacks

  • Produce dry, reusable production ready code that is easy to read and extend

  • Browser, device and functionality test new websites and features prior to go-live

  • Complete pre and post launch checklists ensuring work is robust and meets performance and SEO requirements

  • Help setup hosting instances using providers like Gatsby Cloud and Netlify

  • Proactively drive self learning in line with individual MAPS (Major Area of Purposeful Study)

  • Present development updates to clients and provide CMS training

  • Help maintain our standards in terms of SEO and building performant and engaging interfaces

  • Assist other team members in problem solving development challenges

  • Advocating for and championing your craft