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Wanna Get to Werk?

Whether you need to bring your brand into the digital age with ToolKit™, build a branded Shopify experience, or create a brand new brand, our team is designed to bring the best of brand and digital together. So, where do we start?

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As a Designer at Love + Money, your role is to create world-class memetic brands for digital environments.

Following our proprietary branding process, you will use a Brand Essence to create a visual identity system – what we refer to as an ‘Explanation’. Then, using our Atomic Design Principles as a structure, you will apply this Brand Essence & Explanation across a variety of outputs – we call these ‘Expressions’. Digital outputs, such as websites, are at the the core of what we do, but we also work across motion and print.

We believe that modern designers should be able to design for web, and so you will lean into both brand and digital design. You may choose to focus on one area in particular, however we expect you to have experience and knowledge in both.

As a mid-weight in the team, you will be required to lead and mentor your junior team mates from time to time, assisting them to problem solve and, in some cases, reviewing their work.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Maintain tidy FIGMA files

  • Participate in Creative Sprints as part of the development of a Brand Explanation

  • Apply a Brand Essence + Explanation in a variety of Brand Expressions (e.g. print + digital assets)

  • Accurately dispatch digital assets for web development

  • Review + provide feedback on development of digital designs

  • Proactively drive self learning in line with individual MAPS (Major Area of Purposeful Study)

  • Assist other team members in problem solving design challenges

  • Present Design Updates to clients

  • Advocating for and championing your craft

  • Ownership over and advocacy for design decisions across a project

Show, don’t tell.

We make brands for people all over the world and so we need diversity in thought and experience to draw on. It means we can create something much better for our end user. You might have the new perspective we need.

We build Brands

We have a few philosophies on life. We have a lot on what a good digital brand is. We want to be world leaders in memetic branding, on the bleeding edge of eCommerce. We’re a small team who mostly work from home. We work hard. Look here and you’ll see what we mean.

We build Products

Vibe and culture are big to us. We’re not a big team, and we collaborate and talk a lot. Plus we love someone who’s looking to go above and beyond a brief. So give us an insight into who you are on a personal level, and why you think you’d be a good fit for LAM, and LAM would be a good fit for you.

We build Businesses

We help early-stage startups all over the world build out their brands and products from the ground up, using a combination of fee-for-service and sweat equity.