Are you a creative contractor or small team? Perhaps a high-growth startup? Do you want to surround yourself with designers, developers, animators, copywriters, producers, growth hackers (that term’s gross, but, you know) business owners, etc? Do you work for the love, not just money?

Maybe you want to share our space. It used to be an art gallery. It’s in the middle of Fitzroy. It’s got a pop-up store with street frontage. We always have heaps of coffee going. (Most of) our staff are attractive.

And we’re looking for people just like you.

We have things like:

Pantone™ books; one of those massive printers that studios have; a place to pin your work on to the wall to stand back and look at it like Bob Ross; feedback on your work from people whose opinions you (hopefully) respect; a library of great books and resources of stuff that you could probably find on blogs but it’s nice to have it printed; a whiteboard with a projector on it for brainstorms or presentations or like little dick jokes maybe; family lunches every month; pretentious natural wines most Fridays.

We don’t have:

Recruiters, real-estate agents, accountants (though we do know some really good ones), PR girls (though, again, we know one or two really lovely people in the space), lawyers (though some of our best friends are lawyers), misogyny.

We have all the classic coworking shit that millennials love:

  • Small community but good tho

  • Adaptive work environment

  • Place to stand if you prefer

  • Superfast internet

  • Bookable meeting rooms

  • Slack channels for vibe etc.

  • 24-hour access

  • Dedicated desk to sit at

  • Commercial printer

  • Beer + natural wine fridge

  • Family lunch every month

  • Video conferencing

But then other stuff that other places don’t have, like:

  • Monitors for hire

  • Real live bunnies on Fridays

  • Boxing + yoga memberships

  • Creative critiques + feedback

  • Design library

  • Workshops + brainstorming

  • A nice pop-up store


We’re a small group of hard-working creatives across design, strategy, development, copywriting, illustration, and animation. We build brands and start businesses. We hang out together even when we’re not getting paid to.

Our network

  • Network 0

    Love + Money

  • Network 1

    Fluff Casual Cosmetics™

  • Network 2

    Hey Influencers

  • Network 3

    Gretta Van Riel

  • Network 4

    Charl Laubscher

  • Network 5

    Pines and Palms


People often say things like “Wow, nice space”, and “Is that a bar?” and “Fuck!” when they walk in.

Also overheard: “I’d love to work there”; “Who designed this space?”; “This is better than WeWork for sure”; “You guys are so nice and also fashionable.”

Your details:

It’s gonna be super weird if we don’t know what to call you.