The role of the Digital Designer at Love + Money is to make sure that our design outputs aren’t just pretty, they’re functional. This is all about work that works.

We want you to learn and grow in this role, to spend more time with the brand team creating new ideas and understanding Memetic Branding methodology. As such, we’ll make sure you’re part of Workshops and Creative Sprints.

But first and foremost, you’re here to learn through doing, and to continue to develop the fundamentals of great digital design, with a particular focus on ecommerce. This role is well-suited to people with 2+ years experience in ecommerce or product design teams.

While your job will encompass lots of different stuff, the centre of the bullseye is around scale. As in, how do we use technology to make things more efficient?

As such, you should, at all times, be concerning yourselves with the Four E’s of Technology: is it Empathetic, such that you’re seeking to understand what the user wants and expects?; is it Engaging, such that your user wants to spend time getting to know your work?; is it Efficient, such that you’re building not just an instance, but contributing to a bigger system (think Atomic Design)?; and is it Economic, such that you’re considering what the ultimate conversion goal is?

We need someone who:

  • Understands Atomic Design methodology

  • Thinks in reusable components and systems

  • Has designed and dispatched websites in a team (not just like, handing something off to a mate)

  • Has experience in Figma (or maaaaaaybe Sketch/XD. But you’ll need to transfer immediately)

  • Is empathetic toward developers and end users

  • Is a function, then form type person

  • Knows the difference between design and decoration

  • Doesn’t need to be reminded that a significant %age of the internet is seen via a mobile device

  • Can sprint to get things roughly right, and then spend time working through the details

  • Is proactive: doesn’t need everything spelled out (or every single detail in place) before they can get to work

  • Is collaborative, open to sharing both internally and with clients before the work is perfect

  • Because it’s never perfect

  • Likes learning. Likes it a lot


  • Full time (preferable) contract, with a view to FTE

  • Online

  • Preferred timezone is AEST +/- 3 hours

  • Starting immediately

Show, don’t tell.

We make brands for people all over the world and so we need diversity in thought and experience to draw on. It means we can create something much better for our end user. You might have the new perspective we need.

We build Brands

We have a few philosophies on life. We have a lot on what a good digital brand is. We want to be world leaders in memetic branding, on the bleeding edge of eCommerce. We’re a small team who mostly work from home. We work hard. Look here and you’ll see what we mean.

We build Products

Vibe and culture are big to us. We’re not a big team, and we collaborate and talk a lot. Plus we love someone who’s looking to go above and beyond a brief. So give us an insight into who you are on a personal level, and why you think you’d be a good fit for LAM, and LAM would be a good fit for you.

We build Businesses

We help early-stage startups all over the world build out their brands and products from the ground up, using a combination of fee-for-service and sweat equity.


In this life, you don’t get what you deserve. Only what you negotiate.

We like to work fast, but to do that, we need the time and money it takes for us to focus.

We prefer ongoing partnerships over one-project stands, and will discount initial project sprints for monogamous relationships. We’re also flexible with our payment terms.


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